Travel Day

We had a great travel day! Well as great as a travel day can be. The girls were amazing. I could not have asked for two more well behaved girls!!! Thanks girls, for making this vacation get off to a wonderful start.

I had been so worried about all of our suitcases weighing over 50lbs but they all came in UNDER weight! YEAH!!!

We had a layover in Austin, TX. Brooklyn was very surprised to see farms, barns and flat land all around when we were landing in Austin. She said San Diego looks so different! =)

When we arrived in Orlando It was hot. Nothing like it was last summer but it was hot. We noticed the humidity immediately! We ate dinner at Denny’s which was awful but at least it was food. Grandma and found a 24 hour Wal Mart and Craig took the girls swimming at the hotel.

Time to get some rest for our day tomorrow at Epcot!

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