Day 5 at sea included the much anticipated Villians Tonight show. Again we all slept in and did not start moving until about lunch time. The girls had to be picked up from the sleepover at 7:30AM, which at this point felt more like 3:30 due to all of the time changes! After picking up 2 sound asleep girls we all went back to bed till lunch time.
After lunch we headed to “Family Mask Making”. It was a VERY poorly organized event to make masks for the Villians Masquerade Ball later that night. I should have realized after the mask making to forgo this whole activity. We waited on line for 40 minutes to get some paper masks and craft supplies. To then be rushed out of the venue because the event was ending in 20 minutes and they needed the space for a new event. The girls participated for about 10 minutes and then wanted to head to the kids clubs….surprise surprise. Hehehehehe
Later that night it was time to see this new show “Villians Tonight”. This show replaced the Golden Mickey’s while I am so sad to see gone!!! I tried to go into the show with an open mind but the show was just awful. The cast was great but the show was just TERRIBLE! The jokes were stupid, the scenes were lacking an interest and it was just silly! I kept wanted to walk out but decided to stick it out until the end. Well the ending was just as bad as the rest of it! That show was def a ONE AND DONE. I will not be watching that show again.
After dinner was the Masquerade Ball we made the masks for earlier. Well it was the first time they had the event and needless to say it was terrible. It was so unorganized, there was no flow and kids were basically excluded. In their defense it was the first time for the event and this ship is filled with WAY more adults then kids.
The girls asked to go to the kids club and Craig and I headed to “Match Your Mate”. I would never want to be picked to be one of the couples but we loved watching! It was fun because there was a large group of us who worked together to get one of the couples picked. The answers were hysterical and made for a lot of laughs!
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