Boarding the Magic was magical as always. It is such a great feeling to hear….”The Disney Magic welcomes aboard the Schwetje Family!”
After boarding Craig and grandma took the girls to lunch while I went to check on dining and sign up for Tea with Alice and the High Seas Transatlantic Character Camp Out for Brooklyn. Currently we are still keeping our fingers crossed that Madison will be able to join the camp out because she is 2 months shy of her 5th birthday. =) She will be so sad if she can’t participate.
Our rooms were ready at 1:30 and luggage started to arrive shortly after that. Besides the lifeboat drill and Sail Away party I stayed in the room to unpack. Well panic started to set in because all the suitcases except mine showed up! We had everything except all of my clothes!!! I thought for awhile that I would be sailing in the outfit I had on and the one I wore the day before at Epcot. After being stressed and lots of tears my suitcase showed up. Luckily it was just on the wrong and someone delivered it to our stateroom.
I missed the “All Aboard! Let the Magic Begin!” because I was too worried about the suitcase. Luckily I was able to unpack and meet the girls and Craig in time for Dinner. Dinner the first night was interesting. All of the linking with dining partners got messed up but it was all worked out for night 2. Most people seemed to complain about the dining on the first night. There were a few steak options and the meat was just not the greatest quality. I got a shrimp risotto and it tasted just fine! =)
For the adults in Rockin Bar D they had “Icebreakers” the first night. It was a ton of fun. A bunch of DISers sat together and made it to be a really night. There were three games that were played. The first was where 5 team members had to stand shoulder to shoulder and pass a spoon with the string tied to the end down ones shirt and pants, then up ones shirt and pants and so on and so on. It was hysterical! Our team won our round of that game! Next game was where a coin had to be placed in someone’s “cheeks” and carried and dropped into a bucket. Again lots of fun and laughs with that one!
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