Again, another morning of sleeping in! Craig and I woke up just in time to go to “Paint Fest at Sea”. It was a great event where guests got to help paint a large mural drawn by Ducky Williams which will be donated to a Children’s Hospital in Barcelona. I really wish the girls would have been up in time to take part in the event. They would have loved it! They just play so hard all day and night at the kids club that we have to let them sleep in or they would be SUPER grumpy!
That afternoon we had tickets for “Tea with Alice and the Mad Hatter.” Of course the girls dressed up in their Alice dresses and had a great time. We got perfect seats right up front and the girls had a blast.
That night the girls were having their first sleepover at the Kids Clubs. It is the first time they have had the opportunity to actually spend the whole night there. Since they would be gone for dinner we decided it would be the perfect night for Craig, grandma and I to head to Palo for an adult only dinner. We got the girls all ready in their PJ’s and took them down to the club early. Dinner was amazing as always. We had Sasha for our server. The risotto and the filet were both amazing.
This day started to be really rocky. We lucked out because the rest of the sea days were pretty calm. Craig and I decided to head to the adult pool after dinner. It was like a giant wave pool and a ton of fun to swim in. We were in there for over an hour and just had a blast.
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