Craig woke up early and ran the Castaway 5k. The girls and I slept in and met him on the island a little later. The island was overcast at first but the sun came through by the afternoon. The new Pelican Plunge waterslides were open and Brooklyn really enjoyed those. Madison went once and did not like it. They drop you in the ocean kind of fast so she got too much water up her nose for her liking!
We spent the afternoon on the island and then Craig and the girls rented bikes and took a tour of the island. All aboard was at 3:30 and after that we headed to the Goofy Pool for the “Farewell to the Caribbean” deck party. It was a ton with all the cruise staff, characters and the resident band. They played lots of fun music and had a conga line procession throughout decks 9 & 10. It was a blast! At the event Craig and I realized this is why we take these vacations. They are just so much fun for all members of the family. Looking forward to years to come of these amazing vacations!!!
Later that night we went to watch our main stage show featuring a hypnotist of Ricky Kalmon. I am NOT a believer of hypnosis but I went anyway. Well I lasted about 20 minutes until I had to leave. It is just not entertaining for me. One of our tablemates for dinner went up there. She did some funny things that I am sure she will be reminded of for times to come.
After the show the girls quickly ran back to the kids club and Craig and I went down to Rockin Bar D to play “The Wheel” with fellow cruisers. I am a bit of a sore loser and our team was just doing awful! We would always figure out the answer to the puzzle but when we would spin we would either lose a turn or go bankrupt. :( It was no fun losing but later in the week we were able to redeem ourselves with a big win.
After that we headed to dinner to meet our new wait staff for the cruise. We have Miki (pronounced Mickey, how fitting) and Fernando. We just LOVE them both. Miki is pretty low key but a great waiter. He is from Serbia. Fernando who is our assistant server is from Honduras. He is just great. He is very funny and always so helpful. He is new to Disney Cruise Line but already so great at what he does.
After dinner we headed back to Rockin Bar D for magic Quest. Magic Quest is always one of my favorites about the cruise. Basically it is a scavenger hunt for things within just a room and on yourself. We had a great team and surely should have won. One man decided to take the game to a new level….which I will not mention here. Hopefully things like that don’t continue in years to come.
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  1. Buckeye Gal Says:

    Hey, Stephanie! The underwater pictures of the girls are great!! We had Miki for our Assistant Server in Sept 2009. He has a cute smile :-) , and I agree, he's low keyed and very nice. Looking forward to reading more!

    Kimberly A.

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