Hi everyone! It is finally here! The day is finally here for our vacation! After months of planning, lots of list, tons of running around, it is finally here!!!

I am so blessed for all of my amazing friends who got us to this point! Thanks for all the help you provided before and while we are away. You guys are awesome.

Right now I should still be sleeping but have realized over the last few weeks sleep is over-rated! LOL Who can sleep at a time like this!!! =)

The suicases are all packed and ready to go!

The carry-ons are lined up and just about ready to go!

Thanks everyone for following our blog! Can't wait to share all of our AMAZING memories with you. We have tons of fun stuff planned! Some research still needs to be done on a few of the ports but beyond excited for all the places we are going to see!!!
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  1. Buckeye Gal Says:
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  2. Buckeye Gal Says:

    Hey there, Stephanie! I'm thinking about all of you today!! I hope that Castaway Cay is giving you an amazing day! I'll be following you on here, and look forward to hearing all about your adventures!

    Kimberly A.

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