Day 2 at sea marked the 2nd of 6 time changes!
We started the morning with “Mickey’s Island Jam”. As always a lot of fun! The main stage performers who turn into character hosts for the event can get a little annoying but it is a fun way to see all of the characters.
Later that day Craig and I went to see a talk on the History of Transatlantic Cruises. Captain Kenneth Puckett, a formal naval officer, held the talk. It was a great talk explaining our voyage and comparing our path to the same one as Christopher Columbus too.
The main stage show that night was the Magic of Jason Bishop. I think if I bought a magic book before coming on the cruise I could have pulled off a better show. It was a really bad night for him. His tricks were failing and all over just a mess. Brent, our cruise director tried to tell us that he was the most requested Magician in the world. Well he did not look a day over 25 so I can’t imagine how he could be so popular. All in all just not a good show. The girls got to go on stage for one of his tricks. Still so not impressed!
Before dinner we headed to redeem ourselves on the earlier game of “The Wheel”. We “spanked” the other teams. It was great!!!
Dinner again was amazing followed by a night time show of Alfred and Seymour. This is an act that is widely talked about on Disney Cruise Line. They were funny. I don’t think they were amazing but they were funny. I am glad I was not one that got picked on though!
We wanted to go to “One Hit Wonders” but Madison needed to be picked up from the club and we just decided to call it a night.
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