Our First Day at Sea
We were very excited for our first day at sea. The girls and I started the morning with a Scrapbooking Party hosted by future cruise sales. Hummm, note to self: would love a job as the future cruise sales manager aboard the ship. The girls had fun scrapbooking but quickly wanted to head to the kids club. Brooklyn just loves being in the “Lab” and Madison wanted to get to the Do Si Do with Snow White.
Craig, Grandma and I went to Don “Ducky” Williams presentation that afternoon. He has such a fun story as to how he became a cast member for Disney. After his presentations he always raffles off about 20 of his drawings. I was lucky enough this time to win one!!!!! I got a hand drawn Daisy Duck by Ducky!!! YEAH!!!
After the show we headed to the gift shop to try to find something to get the picture home in. While waiting for them to get tubes large enough my mom came to bring me a letter she found in the room. We were lucky enough to be chosen as FAMILY OF THE CRUISE! Well actually grandma and the girls were chosen but we will share in all of their joy! We have received special treats in our room each day. It has been a lot of fun!
After enjoying our goodies of the day we had to start getting ready for formal night and “Twice Charmed”. The show was great as always. This cast is very talented! We stopped by the Captain’s Welcome reception both before and after the show. How did I not know that the drinks were free until the last cruise! Oh what was fun night!
Dinner was great as always!
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