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Welcome To Our Blog!

Thank you for coming by and following our families adventures! We are so looking forward to our vacation which begins on April 8th.

We are a family of 4 plus grandma! In 2007 we took our 1st Disney Cruise and have been hooked since then! It truly is a Magical Vacation. There is something to do for everyone and the service is top notch!!! The girls love the kids programs and there are tons of things for just adults!

Getting Ready!

Two weeks from today everything needs to be done! We fly out early on the morning of the 8th and need to make sure we have everything ready before bed on the 7th.

Trying to pack for 38 days of vacation is NOT easy! Currently 2 of the 8 suitcases are packed but there is so much more to shove in there (under 50lbs each I might add)!

The girls are SUPER excited. Brooklyn has been reading on all the places we will visit and Madison happily reminds everyone that she will have a balcony on this cruise for 25 nights! =)

We still have some tours or activities that need to be booked for some of our stops in the Mediterranean. We have Naples, Rome and Pisa covered. We still need to make plans for Malta, Tunis, Corsica and Monte Carlo.